What Are The Benefits Of A Hotel Marketing Agency?

To find a hotel marketing agency, or not to find a hotel marketing agency. That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the… Well, you get the idea. Shakespeare isn’t our forte, marketing hotels is.

And that’s the point isn’t it. Marketing for hotels is an incredibly niche, vastly difficult skill. It takes time, effort and boatload of knowledge to effectively promote a hotel. That is why hotel marketing agencies exist – we don’t need to know Shakespeare, we need to know how to put guests in your rooms.hotel marketing audit


As a Hotelier, you have more than enough on your plate. You must run, strategise, and oversee everything in your property. Whether it is a cosy, boutique hotel with a dozen rooms, or a popular holiday destination with over 500 rooms, you don’t have time to effectively market your hotel.

So let’s review the benefits of outsourcing to a hotel marketing agency.



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The Benefits:

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A Hotel Marketing Agency Is Specialised

We’ve already mentioned time-efficiency as one reason to find a hotel marketing agency. We could also post multiple studies showing that outsourcing vital aspects of any business provides more value for money and better results than in-house resources.

But it is our specialty. hotel_marketing

A hotel marketing strategy is far more than just filling in your Google Business Profile (formerly known as GMB). You cannot create a couple of social media pages and profiles and hope for the best.

There are dozens and dozens of tools and channels that a hotel marketing agency works with. If we described all the ways in which we work with only Google, then you would be reading this article until Christmas. We have keyword planners, search engine optimisation (SEO) tools, Hotel Ads, Listings and much more.

These aren’t tools and techniques that can be learned on the fly. These are stratagems that require training and experience to implement. A hotelier can’t be a jack-of-all-trades and successfully promote their hotel. You’ll need an expert if you want to outperform your compset.

Experienced Hotel Marketing Agency 

People in the hospitality industry experience different hotels. It’s absolutely normal – a few years here, a few years there. It is a great way to bulk up a CV and gain experience working with different properties.

But now compare it with a hotel marketing agency.

It is part of our job to understand different hotels. Not just from a promotional mindset, but also that of the competition. We work with an enormous variety of different hotel styles, sizes and guest types on a weekly basis.

That gives us experience.

Marketing for hotels is never a “one size fits all” strategy. There is a minimum checklist that every hotel needs to meet of course, but when it comes to a full marketing strategy – each one is entirely unique.

Size, location, tourism, number of rooms, facilities, guest types and aesthetic all play pivotal roles. Each blend will determine your final hotel marketing strategy. 

Free Hotel Marketing Audits

Okay, this is a unique one just for us at Regent Marketing.

When you sign up with a hotel marketing agency, it can be a big step. You are worried whether or not the agency will deliver. Maybe you think you have your hotel marketing strategy in place and there is nothing left to do.hotel_marketing_audit

We offer each and every hotel a free-of-charge marketing audit. No strings, no fees and no sign-up required.

Simply fill in the form at the end of this page, we’ll analyse your hotel’s online presence and schedule a 30-minute conversation with you. It’s hassle free and you gain a better understanding of how your hotel’s marketing efforts stand.


But also you’ll learn how to improve it!

Rolling Contracts

The most frequently asked question in any line of business – “Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, of course you can!

With in-house resources dedicated to marketing, you are locked into promoting your hotel. Whether or not those results are good, you continuously dedicate revenue into marketing efforts. If you need to shake things up – then it creates even more problems for your day-to-day business.

If you outsource to a hotel marketing agency that offers a rolling monthly contract – you can cancel anytime. We don’t take it personally, because our results speak for themselves. Our efforts gradually increase direct bookings and fill up your rooms, so if you no longer want that – it is fine by us!

What A Hotel Marketing Agency Offers

While a full breakdown of every single tool would bore you to death, there is no reason why we can’t give a broad breakdown of the advantages on offer. If you find a good hotel marketing agency you can:

Take Control From OTAs

Don’t get us wrong, OTAs are something very useful when used correctly, but what exactly do they do?brandjacking_hotels

More often than not they will brandjack your hotel. They target guests who want to book at your hotel and redirect them to their own website. Guests are then bombarded with other potential deals for other hotels in your area – based on how much commission the OTAs can make from them.

And who foots the bill for any booking that arrives from the OTAs? You do. Hoteliers all across the world pay the commission in exchange for more bookings.

With the right hotel marketing agency, you can combat OTAs and increase direct bookings.

Use Google To Its Full Potential

There are so many important areas to cover with Google. They offer so many hotel marketing tools available for hotels and yet, very few utilise them to their potential.

From Google Maps, to Google Listings, to Google Hotel Ads (and the free version now available for hotels), Google has become a multi-faceted marketing tool all by itself. Your hotel needs to be visible on as many mediums as possible. 

Improve Your Hotel SEO

We cannot overstate the importance of Hotel SEO

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is what places you higher up in the Google Search results. If you want guests to find you – you need strong SEO. 

It’s simple, right?

Well apparently not for everyone. We discovered a hotel horror story recently. A beautiful boutique hotel with massive potential had built a problematic website by themselves – and had disabled Google web crawlers from listing their website!

Months of shoddy work and their hotel website did not even appear on Google, no matter how many precise keywords you used!

Website Optimisation

Is your hotel website cluttered? Slow to load? Do you have a booking engine or just a contact email for people to request a booking?

All of these are alarm bells for a hotel. 

Optimised, clear images reduce chaos and load time. Proper hosting allows guests to enjoy their guest journey through your website. A booking engine and channel manager allow you to flawlessly synchronise each and every booking across your systems. 

Think of your website as your online reception. It isn’t just a place to be online. Your website is the first moment when a guest imagines the holiday that they could have with you. Encourage their imagination and get them to click on that “Book Now” button as soon as possible.

Identify Your Hotel Guest and USP

There is a common understanding in hotel marketing – no one knows your USP as well as your guests.

It is the same in any type of marketing, what you see is very different from what your customers/guests see. type of hotel guest

As a hotel marketing agency, we specialise in that understanding. Especially as your USP plays a major factor in identifying your type of hotel guest. This guides a huge amount of your marketing strategy. 

  • Are you a honeymoon destination? 
  • A family-oriented getaway?
  • Are you ideal for corporate guests?

No marketing strategy is the same for these various guest types. This information is critical for your efforts and a hotel marketing agency understands this.

Hotel Marketing Agency Extras…

These are just a select few of the benefits of a hotel marketing agency, we offer so much more. If you are curious about what else you can learn – simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help explain our processes and marketing strategies to you.

Or why don’t we perform a free audit of your hotel’s marketing efforts while we are at it? It’s completely free of charge, and we’ll arrange a 30 minute conversation with you to discuss our findings.

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      Let's talk Hotel Marketing

      FREE of charge in just 30 minutes

      Just fill in the form and we'll arrange a brief meeting to discuss your current marketing efforts.

      Feel free to ask us anything that you're having trouble with and we'll do our best to provide exact recommendations on how to improve.