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At Regent Marketing, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to helping independent hoteliers improve their marketing. Independent hotels can often lack the resources of larger chains, but we believe that having the right guidance, they can benefit of using the latest marketing tools and services to compete side by side with the big guys on the market.

We ensure that by combining marketing flair with analytical tools, we build brands and cultivate the reputations of hotels across the world. By combining advanced marketing strategies and focusing on what makes each hotel a unique experience, we provide powerful, tailored support to drive direct bookings and connect to guests.

Where we come from

Our background

We are a subsidiary of Regent Hospitality Consulting, a hotel management and consulting company that's been helping hotels since 2006. We leverage that experience and knowledge to make sure we provide the best possible service to our clients.

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Meet our team

Andrew Cook

Content Marketing


Johnny Odell



Una Rees

Chief Executive


Robert Stowe


Igor DamĨevski

CEO | Hotel Marketing Specialist

The hospitality industry continually evolves, as guests’ needs and expectations change over time, so does the hoteliers’ offer.

What makes us different from all other marketing agencies out there is the hands-on experience and dedication to one industry and one industry alone – hotels.

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– Igor

Things we'll check

  • How good is your branding?
  • Do you have a solid online presence?
  • How do you run social media?
  • Is your website up-to-date?
  • Is Booking.com taking your reservations?
    .. and much more!

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