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At Regent Marketing our aim for independent hotels is simple:

Redesign, Reinforce, Raise Up.​

As a digital hotel marketing agency we use a broad range of techniques and tools in order to strengthen the online presence of independent hotels. Our range of SEO specialists, web developers and marketing strategies work together to deliver a higher rate of internet traffic and guest bookings.

For independent hotels - one size never fits all. We leave that for global hotel chains and their systems of standardisation. Here at Regent Marketing we employ personal flair with each and every hotel. We learn to understand your hotel, its personality and then tailor a bespoke marketing strategy designed specifically to target your hotel’s weak points.

We ensure that by combining marketing flair with analytical tools, we build brands and cultivate the reputations of hotels across the world. By combining advanced marketing strategies and focusing on what makes each hotel a unique experience, we provide powerful, tailored support to drive direct bookings and connect to guests.

Where we come from

The Origin of Regent Marketing

Regent Marketing is a subsidiary of Regent Hospitality Consulting, an established hotel management and consultancy firm since 2006.

Our knowledge is based on years of first-hand experience. So you know you’ll receive a marketing plan that aligns with the day-to-day reality of running a hotel.

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Igor Damčevski

Hotel Marketing Specialist

The hospitality industry continually evolves, as guests’ needs and expectations change over time, so does the hoteliers’ offer.

What makes us different from all other marketing agencies out there is the hands-on experience and dedication to one industry and one industry alone – hotels.

Looking forward to meeting with you!

– Igor

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