62 ideas for hotel website blogs regent marketing

62 Ideas for Hotel Website Blogs

Blogs Are Easy, Their Benefits, Phenomenal.

Marketing 101: Every website needs a blog, and hotels are no different. Your hotel can greatly benefit from creating your own blog posts and content on their hotel website. But coming up with fresh ideas for your hotel website blogs can be challenging.

For the hospitality industry, you are specifically promoting your brand image and communicating with your potential guests. Therefore, you need to remember: What’s on offer? Why should they stay with you? Which benefits are only available at your location?

There are a boatload of benefits to hotel website blogs. Before we start to inspire you with our list of 62 hotel blog ideas, we’ll break down exactly what they provide for your online presence.

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Why You Need a Hotel Website Blog


hotel_seoThe first benefit to running a blog for your hotel website is SEO. As a hotel digital marketing agency, we love SEO. With the right optimisation, you can raise your official hotel website from the end of Google search results, right to the top (and then reap the rewards of more direct bookings along the way!)

With each blog post you commit to your hotel website blog, you increase your keywords, can potentially earn backlinks to improve your website ranking and spread your posts through social media. While building your hotel SEO you are also throwing out hooks across the online world – and each one of those is an opportunity to receive more bookings.


Your hotel website blog grants you the ability to be creative and showcase the unique character of your property. Whether you’re leaning towards corporate travellers or leisure guests – it is one more chance for you to promote your hotel’s image in the way that most attracts your ideal guest type.

You have the opportunity to share photos and videos of their property, the team, the amenities, the events they organize, your location history etc. It gives you the chance to differentiate your property from others. The more personality you demonstrate, the more potential guests are more likely to feel a connection to your property and be more inclined to book a stay. 


Potential guests, especially those with a destination rather than a specific hotel in mind, look for credibility. They are searching for answers to guide their holiday choices and your hotel website blog offers you the chance to be that voice.

By providing valuable information about the local area, offering tips for travelers, and sharing information about the hotel’s amenities and services, your hotel can build trust with potential guests and establish yourself as a trusted local source.


Aside from any other benefits to a hotel website blog – it also provides a new manner of communicating with your guests. You create a community space where visitors can leave comments, ask questions (which in turn provides you with new hotel website blog ideas) and share feedback.

62 Hotel Website Blog Ideas

So to get started with your blog, there are two types of blog posts that you should consider. The first are generic blogs which can apply to all potential guests. The second are blog posts that are designed to answer questions, queries and curiosity from specific guest types

Luckily we’ll cover all the hotel website blog ideas you may need!

Hotel Blog Ideas for Corporate Travellers


  1. Best Conference Centres in [location]
  2. Best 62 Coffee Shops in [location for Remote Workers
  3. Ultimate Travel Guide for Business Travellers in [location]
  4. Dealing with jet-lag in [location]
  5. Tips to Avoid Burnout for Corporate Travellers
  6. Best Tech Every Business Traveller Needs
  7. How to Enjoy a Solo Weekend in [location]
  8. Bleisure: How to Incorporate Leisure into Your Business Trip

Ideas for Food Lovers on Your Hotel Blog

  1. Best Cocktail Bars in [location]
  2. Best Restaurants in [location]
  3. X Must-Try Treats in [location]
  4. [location]: X Places Every Food Lover Should Visit
  5. The Best Ice Cream in [location]
  6. The Top Eating/Drinking Locations in Walking Distance of [local attraction / music arena / airport]
  7. Hidden Brunch Gems of [location]
  8. Authentic [location] Cuisine: Our Top Ten Picks

cartoon couple in hotel restaurant have dinnerHotel Blog Ideas for Luxury Guests

  1. Top Spas in [location] (providing your hotel does not have an in-house spa, or is in partnership with one!)
  2. [location] Guide to the Jewellery Quarter (or other location)
  3. The Michelin Stars of [location]
  4. Our Top Ten Pamper Days in [location]
  5. Clothing Boutiques of [location]: A Cut Above the Rest
  6. The Exclusive Sights in [location]

Local Attractions

  1. What is There to Do in [location]?
  2. X Things Locals Never Do in [location]
  3. The Hidden Gems of [location]
  4. [location]’s Best Kept Secret
  5. The History of [landmark]
  6. Top Museums in [location]
  7. The Best Places for Romantic Photos in [location]
  8. X Must-See Attractions in [location]
  9. Live Like a Local: The Best Experiences of [location]
  10. [location]’s Outskirts: X Things to Visit Away From the Crowds
  11. The Best Live Music in [location]

Your Hotel Brand

  1. New In-house Events
  2. Top 10 Pictures of [hotel] Through the Years
  3. Another Stunning Wedding at [hotel]
  4. Top Cocktail Tips From Our Resident Mixologist
  5. Meet the Team
  6. Launch of a New Feature / Service / Amenity
  7. Feature Art in Your Hotel From Local Artists
  8. Top 10 Stories From Our Team

Local Events

  1. Must-Do/See Events in [location] for Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring
  2. This Season’s Performances at [local arena]
  3. Our Local Football Teams of [location]
  4. Christmas in [location]: What You Shouldn’t Miss
  5. How To Enjoy Summer at [location]
  6. [local music festival]: Why You Shouldn’t Miss It
  7. Top Food / Beer Festivals of [location]
  8. The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s in [location]
  9. Experience History With [location]’s Walking Tour
  10. [location]’s Local Christmas Market Guide

hotel marketing checklist regent marketingGeneric

  1. Best Reward Programs for Frequent Travellers
  2. X Tips to Make the Most of Your Travel Points
  3. X Tips For Nervous Fliers
  4. How to be a Green Traveller
  5. Eco-friendly Ways to Travel More, For Less
  6. [hotel]’s Guide to Becoming a Smart Traveller
  7. Reduce Jet Lag With These X Tips
  8. How to Stay Healthy While Travelling
  9. Check Out These X Group Packages You Can’t Afford To Miss
  10. Cooking Tips From Our Local Chefs in [location]
  11. X Ways Our Hotel Is Going Green

Starting Your Hotel Website Blog

Already have a website? It’s never too late to begin blogging and reap the benefits, but there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

Firstly, consider your ideal guest type. Ideally, your blog posts should be a mixture of generic, and styled towards your ideal guests. What are their interests? Why do they want a holiday in your location? Why should they stay with you?

Secondly, you need organisation. Make sure to create the content for your hotel website blog far ahead of time. We recommend using a calendar to plan the topics and frequency of your blog posts. Remember that overwhelming amounts of content isn’t productive – it’s better to be consistent and of high-quality!

Finally, your hotel should promote your hotel website blog through your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns. You will help spread your online presence, drive traffic to your blogs and increase visibility for your hotel.

It’s easy to start, and worthwhile in the long run. With some careful planning and promotion, your hotel can successfully launch your own blog and start reaping the benefits!

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